Download Stick War Legacy MOD Menu APK 2023.5.138 (Unlimited All)

2023.5.138 v1
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Download Stick War Legacy MOD Menu APK v2023.5.138 (Unlimited All)

stick war legacy mod menu apk

Stick War legacy mod menu is another version of the mod I am going to discuss. As the name suggests, Stick War Legacy is a strategy game which encourages users to develop analytical skills. Stick War Legacy MOD APK promotes such abilities to build an army, safeguard own kingdom, attack nearby kingdoms and achieve supremacy in the region.

Unfortunately, In the normal official version of Stick War Legacy, all the features of the game come in a locked position, and the player needs to work hard, with limited resources, to get the levels up in the game. I have already discussed various other mods of the game and provided the same on my website. You can check it out. You can Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK 99999 Gold and Army (v 2023.4.52) and Download Stick War Legacy APK MOD 999 Army (V2023.4.52)

Today, I am going to provide you with version 1 of the Stick War legacy mod menu (2023.5.138). You can download it by clicking on the above maroon color download button. 

I have discussed the complete details, which can help you to navigate through this mod and be satisfied that you are in the right place to download your desired mod.

What’s New in Stick War Legacy MOD Menu Apk

As the name suggests stick war: legacy mod menu, let’s discuss the new things. A user will enjoy playing the Stick War Legacy MOD Menu app. There are a number of different modes to enjoy while having a user experience of the game. These modes cater to the needs of a player of every nature. A number of new features are included in this modded version. I am going to list down the detailed differences between a regular mod version and a mod menu. After reading the complete article, there will be no question that requires an answer afterward. There is a huge list of features, starting from tactical gameplay to Unique unit formations. Let’s start discussing this in detail.


As mentioned above, there are a number of new features that I am going to list; let’s start.

Tactical Gameplay of Stick War: Legacy MOD Menu

The feature that comes on the 1st number is tactical gameplay. Users who download the Stick War legacy mod menu will be able to enjoy free tactical gameplay for Android as well as for iOS users. Tactical gameplay will lead users to enhance their analytical and management skills. If we discuss gameplay in depth, it means that Stick War Legacy is a fast-paced game where you will act according to the situation and make decisions as soon as possible before the situation gets out of control. You have to get yourself prepared every time as the pace of the game keeps increasing, and new groups of enemies keep coming. So you need to get ready for them.

Enemies attack you with full power, and you have to face their attack. The only reason to face their attack is to think critically and manage resources in such a way that it enhances your power and defense so that attackers may be managed.
To be the ultimate ruler of stickman legacy, you have to adopt the best and best strategy of all time. You need regular upgrades of your existing resources to the next level to compete in the cruel army of your enemies. Remember, there is no space for mistakes in this game.

Dynamic Campaign

As it is visible from the name, the game does not stick anywhere. Players keep getting new engaging campaigns in this mode. Players have to face very complex and difficult missions and storylines. Actually, it is a journey for them to face and compete in different areas, groups, countries, etc. They have to see a huge number of cruel enemies and opponents whom they have to face and fight. As I have discussed many times, the Stick War Legacy Mod menu falls in the category of strategy. It enhances the decision-making abilities and skills of the players and critical thinking as well. So, there is a win-win situation for the players of stick war: legacy mod menu.

You can download Stick War Legacy MOD APK from our website.

Resource Management (Strategic)

Armies that are created in Stick War legacy gameplay need to be upgraded and customized to get maximum potential. They need to upgrade and equip them with new weapons and units and train them to have the best attacking system and defense as well. It will not only equip your army to fight at their best potential but also enable them to gain supremacy.

stick war legacy mod vip

Strong Unique Capabilities

As I am discussing the mod version of stick war legacy mod menu, there are special capabilities unlocked for users to have maximum attraction to the game. One can enjoy powerful spells of fights and special abilities unlocked. Enemies forces are devasted by using these abilities like calling special giants, lightening storms etc. Every fight can be made lethal for the enemy by empowering through these special abilities of the game. One has to gain full training to use these abilities.

Multiplayer Battles

As the name suggests, multiplayer battles are unlocked, and players can test their abilities against the enemies. Multiplayer mode enables friends in real life to gather in game mode and fight. It enables them to enhance their tactical skills and play fights and spells. It also gives a worldwide ranking of the game stick war legacy apk mod menu.

Endless Dead Mode

This mode is for those who dont want to take life easy. These players always enjoy playing in intense mode. They are used to the challenging and complex situations. Their analytical and strategic skills show that they enjoy complex games in hard mode. As the name suggests, endless dead mode in stick war legacy mod menu has the most intense difficulty level. It enables enemy forces to attack brutely and without mercy. Forces attack with full zest in this mode. It tests the abilities and skills of the talented players. If they succeed in this mode, they get their army more stronger.

International Leaderboards and Accomplishments

Global rankings are also maintained in the Stick War legacy mod menu apk. Players compete with each other for rankings; the higher the ranking, the better correlation to their analytical abilities and skills. Players need to complete different missions and tasks to unlock achievements to gain supremacy in the game stick war legacy mega mod menu.

Control on Stick Men in stick War Legacy MOD MENU vip

In the Stick War legacy mod menu apk, your area consists of stick men, and you fight your battles. In gameplay, you gain 100% control over each and every stick man that comes under your supervision. You can control them as you like according to requirements like moving here and there, attacking and for the defense system.

Zombie Survival Mode

If you are a good fighter, you will face a huge herd of zombies in stick war legacy mod menu. As the in-game resources are unlimited, you have to use them wisely to tackle zombies. After passing through each spell of fight, zombies will become more and more powerful and rigid. So, you have to tackle them within your existing resources.

Classic Campaign

Stick War Legacy Menu mod mod apk menu comes up with a main campaign. In that campaign, you have to compete with other empires that are being managed by other players in real-time. You have to face them and get them knocked out to have law and order and peace in Inamorta. As I mentioned above, in another scenario, some parts of the game are very, very challenging and complex. The classic campaign is also one of them. You have to be one of the best of those players who like playing in a challenging atmosphere. There are further six bonus levels in the classic campaign in stick war legacy mod apk mod menu.

Tournament Mode

If you want to have a crown of Inamorta, you have two challenges; the first challenge is to build a wall of defence around your empire. Secondly, you have to conquer other challengers. It is best for those who want to enhance their critical and out-of-the-box thinking.

Unlocking of weaponry and Armor

As the game progresses with your good efforts, different weapon system and armoury gets unlocked according to your skills in the game. This training will help you to survive in the most challenging and complex environment.

Huge Skins of Stick War Legacy MOD Menu fm

If you get bored with playing with the same skins of stickmen, you can personalize your stickmen by changing their skins. It is only possible in this stick war legacy mod apk. It not only makes your forces unique but also keeps you glued to the game of stick war legacy mod menu fm vip.

Missions Mode

As I have discussed many times on our website in the Stick War legacy mod menu apk, new missions keep unlocking every Friday. These new missions prove a challenge for you if you can pass through. These are also very challenging and rewarding as well. You will be given too many in-game resources if you complete them with success.

Difficulty Levels

The developer of the game wants you to keep glued to the game; there are 3 difficulty levels in the Stick War Legacy mod app. If you are new to the game and don’t want to take challenges early, you may opt for Normal mode. After playing the game for some days, you can go further to test the Hard level, but it depends solely upon you. Now, if I talk about the most difficult level and name suggest, Insane mode, you may opt for it if you have given enough time to the game already and you feel bored in the other two levels, Normal and Hard.

Unique Ways to Play

There are a number of very unique ways to play the game. The list is large, but I am going to list a few of them which are too much interesting to play. You will be undergoing deathmatches, triple barricaded gold, mini-bosses, and forward statues. These modes have only been introduced to keep you entertained in the game.

Realistic Animations (blood effects)

If you mix up the real world with the gameplay of stick war legacy mod menu apk download, you will enjoy it a lot. While playing the game, you are going to see real blood effects when you attack the enemy. It enhances the beauty of the game experience.

Special Squad Formations

Stick War Legacy Mod Menu apk is a game where you get unlimited in-game resources, only you keep in mind the one thing that you have to use wisely. You can use them to format units and test different strategies. To gain supremacy, you have to win battles with the other empires in stick war legacy mod menu fm no key. You can only do so by lining up the unique formations.

Stick War Legacy MOD Menu (Versions wise detail)


  • Unlimited Money


  • Gold Cons + 10000
  • Click to Win
  • Open the box (Free)
  • Unlimited Diamonds

V3 (Mod Menu)

  • Immortal
  • Unlimited Money
  • One Hit
  • High Speed
  • Zombie Can’t Attack
  • Rapid Fire

V4 (MOD Menu)

  • High Damage
  • Fully Upgrade( Army )
  • No Cool Down
  • High Speed
  • Immortal
  • Unlimited Money


  • High Damage
  • Unlimited Money
  • Mining Increase Gold
  • Free Shop Buy

Final Words

In Stick War Legacy MOD Menu apk, you will enjoy the complex gameplay. There are numerous spells of fight you may enjoy. Sometimes, games intensify due to complex gameplay. Due to the mod app, you have the freedom to customize your army skins and enjoy a lot of other features that have been discussed above.
If you want to enjoy the above features, you can download the Stick War Legacy MOD Menu APK from our website. Feel free to leave comments if you face any problems while playing the game. Happy Gaming!

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