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The same developer Max Games Studio of Stick War Legacy has developed the Age of War 2 MOD APK. As mentioned above 1.7.1 is latest version and best version of the game. In the normal version of the game, premium features of the game come locked. The normal and mod versions differ. The mod has unlimited money and unlocked features. You can download the Age of War 2 (unlimited money) from our website from the button given above. If you want to download game, An APK file will be downloaded to your device. Just install and enjoy

age of war 2 mod apk

About Age of War 2

As the main genre of the Age of War 2 all unlocked is strategy, so young and energetic people around the globe love the game. The main theme of the game will be discussed in the coming paragraphs, but as a start, let me pitch the basics of the game. As a player, you need to use all your analytical and critical thinking skills to use your in-game resources. You must build your army to win all your fight matches. You can also download Age of War Mod APK from our website.

Age of War 2 is a Tribal Fight

As the name suggests, the main theme of the game is that it consists of 10 different tribes. Every tribe holds its own weaponry, arsenal, and equipment to fight. Every tribe is led by a General, who is called in charge of the tribe from every perspective. If I talk about the weaponry system of each tribe, it consists of missiles, robots, monsters, and dinosaurs. Dinosaurs control all the weapons.

When the game starts, you become head of a tribe as a General. As the leader, you start managing resources to fight. You have to build your units of army so wisely that it does not become heavy on your in-game pocket. You need to use your weapons and in-game resources and create and follow your own unique strategy. After creating a unique strategy, you will be able to win the battles against other tribes and gain supremacy as a leader. Remember! A good strategy with the best utilization of in-game resources will lead you to supremacy.

What is Age of War 2 MOD APK

I have discussed the normal and mod versions of the game while starting the game introduction. The key difference between the normal and mod versions of Age of War 2 is unlimited money; all premium features are unlocked. As an experienced player, it will be very, very difficult to play the normal version. You will complete the normal version in a couple of days after starting to play the game. Age of War 2 unlimited everything comes with unlimited resources and in game unlimited money.

This unlimited money helps a player build an army in such a way that the army becomes unbeatable. You, as a player, cannot gain tribal supremacy with limited resources. So, if you want to enjoy Age of War 2 free purchase in a real sense, you should download and install the game. As I have completed telling you the difference between the normal and mod versions of the game, let’s start exploring mod features in depth.

Features of Age of War 2 APK MOD

Every mod version of the game is introduced with extra premium features that the normal version of the game does not carry. So as the case with Age of War 2. Let’s start discussing the mod features of the Age of War 2 – all generals unlocked.

Buy Unlimited Weapons

Unlimited Money is the key feature of this mod version of free download game of age of war 2. With unlimited money, you will be able to buy advanced weaponry systems to support your army units. On the other hand, in the normal version of the game, weapons are unlocked on special achievements like completing missions and tasks. You have the freedom to buy the equipment of your choice through unlimited money from the Age of War 2 (unlimited money and gems) to strengthen your forces.

More Rewards

As a tribal leader in the Age of War 2, you gain supremacy in the game only by winning fights and tasks. As a player, you gain rewards and prizes of different kinds. It will attract you as a player and encourage you to take part in more fights to gain more rewards and in-game benefits.

Unique Strategy Building

You can create and customize your strategies and implement them in the gameplay. By using the mod version of Age of War 2, you gain access to unlimited money in the game. This virtual money will help you build strong army units, buy weapons, and create and implement unique strategies. You can use these strategies against the other 9 tribes in the game.

Attractive Graphics

The mod version of the game possesses beautiful graphics and cute anime-type characters. The sound and music of the game feel like cartoons and anime. Age of War 2 does not promotes too much violence in the game

Upgrading Powers of Soldiers

There is an extra feature in the mod version of the game, and you can upgrade your unit soldiers with special abilities and skills during the game. You only do it to make them more innovative and powerful. It will enhance their ability to sustain sudden attacks by other tribes.

Challenging and Complex Gameplay

Age of War 2 mod APK comes with a very unique, challenging, and complex gameplay. As the game progresses, you become used to the gameplay. Its gameplay is so interesting that once you play it for a couple of days, you become addicted to it. With the wise usage of mod features, you get glued to the game as the game becomes more interesting with time.

2D Battle Environment

In Age of War 2, you play in 2D gameplay settings and talk about the graphics of the game. By playing in a 2D battle environment, you get the aroma of a real-time fight in the real world. There is no lag in the 2D gameplay setting. It ultimately enhances your game experience and keeps you stuck with the game. Graphics are the main flaw of any app or game if users are decreasing day by day.

Play Mode of your Choice

There are two modes in the game to keep up your interest in the game. It is your own choice that you choose the mode according to your choice and interest. These two modes are as follows.

  • Classic Mode
  • General Mode

Every mode has its features and skills to master by a player.

Pros and Cons of Playing Age of War 2

As the game is perfect from every perspective, there is no need to describe the self-made pros and cons of the game. But on the other hand, as you know, nothing in this world is perfect. So, I will explain 1 pro and 1 con of playing the Age of War 2. Read more about comparison between Age of War vs. Age of War 2: The Greatest Strategy Battle


There are a lot of pros of the game as already has been discussed in the form of features. But as far as a special pro of the game is concerned. It is easy to start with as a newbie player.


The gameplay is not creative as compared to the latest time games.

How to Download and Install Age of War 2

To Download and Install Age of War 2 MOD APK from our website, you have to follow the following steps

  1. Click on the above Download Button to Download the APK File.
  2. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device.
  3. Now Click on Install and Wait for Installation to Complete.
  4. After completing the installation, open the game and start playing and enjoying the game.

Final Words

Age of War 2 MOD is a mod version of the original game of Age of War 2. Max Games Studios developed this game. We also covered similar apps like Stick War Legacy MOD APK, Stick War Legacy MOD APK 999 army, and Stick War Legacy MOD Menu on our website. You can explore other games, too, by going through the blog posts page of our website. If you feel any issues while playing Age of War 2, you can comment below, and I will try my level best to fix your issue as soon as possible.

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