Everything about Stick War Legacy Game Characters

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Experience the thrill of fighting a battle by exploring all the Stick War Legacy Mod APK characters. Understand the personalities of these warriors in detail.


If you are keen to learn how the battle in old ages concurred and how people got the victory, then try Stick War Legacy Mod APK. This modified version provides you with unlimited territories, weapons, coins, levels, gems, etc, with all the updated changes. 

With unlocked Stick War Legacy Mod APK characters, you can experience various challenges and new missions. Some of them will be giants, wizards, mages, wizards, or warriors, having their characteristics. If you want to learn these characters in detail, then stay with us. We will provide all the necessary information about them:

Game TitleStick War Legacy Mod APK
DeveloperMax Games Studios
Last UpdateDec 11, 2023
Minimum requirementAndroid 5.0 or later
Latest Version2023.5.147

Exploring all Stick War Legacy Characters

Understanding the various personalities of the Stick War Legacy Mod APK will help you have better control over your army and surpass all the missions. The following are some of the main characters that you will experience in this war game:

Griffon The Great

This is the biggest giant that you will see in advanced levels of the game. With a sharp lava axe, he attacks and kills others with just one hit. He has a grey mark on the head and face, and the entire body is black.

Demon Giant

This is one of the biggest enemies that you have to fight in the game studio. It also has a huge height, just like Griffonn The Great, but is shorter than him. With a helmet on the head, he carries a club and a dead body to attack others. You will have to defeat him in the advanced levels of the Last Stand. You need to utilize Archidon Nation, who will use a bow and arrow to kill this strong character by reducing his health level fast.

If you succeed in defeating this dangerous enemy, then you will see a video clip where this giant is weak and killed by another character named Atreyos. Don’t forget to tap the screen again and again to speed up the video where Atreyos attacks the Demon Giant, and he finally collapses with a spear in the head.


This is one of the stick characters holding a thin stick in hand with brown wings at the back. With the absence of face skin, you will see the jaw bone with the black face and the body. You will see this character at the levels named Deal With the Dead and Endless Deads. To kill this dark lord of the dead, you have to reduce his health level.


He is one of the Spearton of the Order with a red cape. He is wearing a helmet with visible cracks.  When you reach the level named Endless Dead, you will get this character in your army. You need to keep him alive till Night 10. if you succeed in it, you will be an achievement of Atreyos Lives. He is one of the strongest fighters and plays as a great warrior. He uses his spear to attack the enemies and has strong powers. He will be one of the fighters who will come against the Demon Giant and will kill him. Just like any other character, you can control the actions of this character and use him as the defense mechanism of your kingdom.

Swordwrath Commander

This commander takes charge of the Swordwrath army for the battle of Order Empire, and he fights to get back the Empire, which he lost in the Ice Hills. His nation treats swords as their worshipping God. As a commander, he acts quite fast with the swordship’s rage ability. He can push a group of enemies by accelerating the speed of the attack.

However, one of the weaknesses of this commander is its health bar; you need to focus on the quantity of the Swordwrath army to protect your kingdom before you get Spearton for your battle.

Giant Spearton Dead

Just as the name says, Giant Spearton Dead is the bigger version of the average Spearton Dead. His body is les than a giant but more than a normal Spearton, which is why he is also known as a giant. In Endless Deads, he plays the role of mini-boss and appears in Night 12.


This is one of the helpers in the game who sells various weapons and shields to help you have better fighting skills. With a big-sized hat and a long white beard, this wizard looks just like the character in fairy or magical movies. You can get the stuff from him with the help of gems you earned during the game. So, enjoy this supportive role during the first and the second levels of the game studio.

Crazy Jay

This Ninja character is famous because of her great powers and ability to use the statue turret. This turret is the spell for self-healing, and the statue can also emit rays from the eyes for attacking. Crazy Jay also acts as a boss in Crown of Inamorta. In tournament mode, she is also one of the characters who play the role of a boss.


This game has various characters acting as generals during the war. Some of them have medium strength, while others offer you strong strengths during the completion of various war missions. They also play their role as tournament mode boxes and play games like football, board games, etc. You may find using special powers as a specialty of a particular general. 

Some of the general that you will find in multiple tournaments are:

  • Zane
  • Z4CK
  • Blake
  • Cyrus
  • Wesley

Minor Characters

Along with the characters mentioned above, some guest characters of this game appear for a short time at various levels. Each one has its own background and purpose in the mission of the war. Some of these guest characters are the following:

  • Prince of the Vampiric Soulstealers
  • Prince of the Woodland Tribes
  • Prince of the Borderland Flame Feeders
  • Zane
  • Kytchu

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stick War Legacy?

This is a game designed on the theme of war and battles where the gamer plays the role of a warrior protecting the kingdom. Various enemies and challenges unfold through the use of different weapons, and here, you will also learn mining techniques to get gold.

How do I download Stick War Legacy on my PC?

You can play this game on your PC by downloading its modified version from our website. You need to download any Android emulator to get the APK file to your computer. Search the required game in the emulator and install it to enjoy it on a bigger screen as well. 

How do you enjoy the latest features of Stick War Legacy?

You can take advantage of the latest game features by considering the most recent version of Stick War Legacy MOD APK from our website for free. 

How to get all Stick War Legacy characters for free?

You can get all the characters unlocked by having the latest version of this gameplay from our website. We provide the modified version to download for free. So, enjoy the premium features of this battle platform without paying anything.

Bottom Line

Stick War Legacy is one of the best war games that help in understanding the secrets of winning a battle.  With the freedom to choose various skins for your character and having great armies for the safety of your kingdom, you will enjoy interesting, adventurous missions and game levels. How to play this game with an exemplary character to enjoy the thrill of victory? And what are your expected enemies?  The details mentioned above about the Stick War Legacy characters are helpful in playing this game to the fullest by understanding these fighters. Now, you are capable of exploring new possibilities for victory against enemies, picking the right weapon, and building a strong army. 

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