Stick War Legacy (Game Controls) for Victory

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Enjoy the thrill of victory by getting insight into all the Stick War Legacy Controls. Elevate the performance of your army by using the right button at the right time.

Stick War Legacy is one of the famous games that are designed on the theme of battles by using old-age weapons like sticks, arrows, axes, etc. Here, you will learn about the war tactics that help defend your kingdom from enemies and defeat them. However, some players find it difficult to control their various characters because every role has its capabilities. If you are also one of them, then no worries. Here, we will give you all the details about the Stick War Legacy Controls to beat others successfully. 

Stick War Legacy (Game Controls)

Every game has its control options. Even a single game has a different mechanism on a keyboard, joystick, or mobile. So, you need to understand all the Stick War Legacy controls to outperform and complete all the levels. Some of the basic guidelines for the control button are the following:

Universal Control Options

With the left click of the mouse, you can take control of any character of the game. You can choose the movement mode or build any army character with this click. Moreover, with arrow keys, you move the characters backward or forward. 

Characters wise Controls

The space bar is the universal control button that allows you to attack others. The same button is applicable to various characters, including Spearton, Giant, Magikill, etc. However, some characters have more capabilities than others, and they need more control buttons. In the case of Spearton, you have a spear to attack, which you can activate by pressing the F key. 

When you are controlling Magikill, then he summons minions to attack. You can summon them with the F key, and by pressing the spacebar, Magikill stuns the enemies. 

Mouse Control Options

With the help of a mouse, many actions can be controlled. The following are the details about these buttons and their effect:

  • With a left click, you can select a unit. Or, if you want to select multiple units, then drag a box on the desired units. This way, you can activate their abilities at once.
  • With the right click, attack the enemies.
  • With a double click on one unit, you can select similar units belonging to the same category simultaneously.

Expert Advice about Stick War Legacy Controls

Here are some tricks to enjoy the perks of this game: getting better control over the abilities of different characters or other valuables. Let’s see them one by one:

Archidon Attack

You can win by using this fighter character with the right control options. You need to tap the arrow icon and drag it on the screen, so let that arrow move toward the destination. Try to focus on the heads of enemies while adjusting the shot direction. An arrow in the head will kill the enemies and not let them stand again.

Unit Control

If you want to control an individual unit in the game, then tap on it or press H to hold it. A gold star will appear once you choose a unit. Now, you can move it here and there or use its capabilities by using onscreen button options or arrow keys on the keyboard board. Moreover, every unit has its capabilities and perks, and you can use them with the following keys:

  • Press Q to activate first ability
  • Use W to activate the second ability
  • Press E to activate the third ability
stick war legacy game controls

Getting Gold Mines

You need to focus on the gold mines to get more gold into the coffers. Try to build more miners to have a smooth flow of gold throughout the game levels. The more you advance to the next stages, the more miners you need to build. To control the movements of the miners, use keyword arrows. To check the capacity of the gold bag, you need to press the space bar that will show a bar representing the remaining capacity of the bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Stick War Legacy on iOS devices?

Yes, this game is available to download for free on the App Store so that you can enjoy it on Apple devices as well. 

How to get premium features for free in Stick War Legacy?

You can consider a modified version of this gameplay from our website. This latest version will give you access to all the premium features of the game, like gems, shields, health, weapons, etc. 

What is the best strategy to defeat the Speartons in Stick War Legacy?

You need to build a double number of Swordwrath as they are weaker than Spearton, and only with a large quantity can they defeat Spearton’s attack. Magikill is also strong enough to defeat a Spearton with his minion attack. 

Bottom Line

Stick War Legacy is the ideal platform to learn about history, how various nations were defeated, and how others achieved victory. As a player, you are responsible for protecting your army and the kingdom and for making the right strategies before enemies get more potent than you. 

By checking all the Stick War Legacy controls, you can now tackle every mission with more power and strong defense. Now, nobody can stop you from defeating big enemies like Dead Kai, Demon Giant, etc. 

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