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For those who are unfamiliar with Stick War Legacy, let me to briefly summarize the game before I begin my Stick War Legacy Review.

Stick War Legacy

About Stick War Legacy

With a significant global fan following, Stick War Legacy is a dynamic strategy game that stands as one of the greatest ever. This game is created by Max Game Studios; some of their other well-known titles are Age of War 2, and Stick War 3, along with reviews from iOS and Android users. Every time you play Stick War Legacy, you’ll be amazed by its amazing graphics, amazing features, and superb gameplay. The game was first released in 2015. Stick War Legacy, the most recent edition, was released on November 23, 2022, and has since grown to become one of the greatest games ever made.

Stick War Legacy will demand a lot of your attention because it has a lot of modes, missions, and enemies. It’s not like other games where you play, finish the easy levels, and the game is over. Instead, Stick War Legacy will keep you interested every time. Where you must build and train your army in order to prepare for war. To combat your adversaries and defend your own planet and people, gather resources and weapons. Its plot is really intricate.

Four modes exist. There are four different game modes: Classic Campaign, Tournament, Weekly Mission Levels, and Endless. Each mode has its own set of challenges and levels, and you must develop strategies, engage in combat, protect your armies from the enemy, and occasionally launch an attack. These modes are all covered in the Stick War Legacy Review. The game’s amazing features and captivating gameplay will put you in a fantastic state of mind. Users of iOS and Android can access it globally.

Stick War Legacy

How the Stick War Legacy Game Came to Our Knowledge

We learned about the game “Stick War Legacy Review” a few months ago from one of our friends. As was previously mentioned, this strategy game was already highly well-liked. I downloaded it about a month ago, and I had an incredible experience. Our friend like Stick War Legacy because it has multiple game modes, such as campaign, infinite, and tournament. This is one of the reasons he suggested this game.

The gaming mechanisms in Stick War Legacy were also extraordinary. You must manage your resources, build and train your army, devise plans to eliminate your opponents, defend your people, and launch attacks on the opposition in this game that offers a distinctive blend of strategy and action. In order to win the game, you will also need to make some serious and smart judgments.

It would be quite tough to discuss everything in the game because it has a large storyline if we gave you every detail. See our comprehensive informational blog on the Stick War Legacy Game for further details.

Our Trip and Stick War Legacy Analysis

Select the Modes was the first screen we saw when we launched the game. The game comes with various modes, each of which presents a different challenge. We especially like the Classic and Tournament modes, but we’ll talk about my experiences with them all.

Tournament Mode:

Tournament Mode is the primary and most difficult mode in Stick War Legacy APK. To win the title of “Crown of Inamorta,” players must defeat 12 computer-generated opponents (Ruth, Cydnee, Blake, Zane, Willow, Maverick, Cruise, Vin, Crazy Jay, Wesley, Z4CK, and Cyrus), each of whom has unique features, abilities, and appearances. Three main tasks have the potential to alter the color of the crown and increase the general intellect or augment the powers of the AI opponents, making them even more terrifying.

We can also play against an Awe in five other game styles: Classic, Barricades, Gold Rush, Super Deathmatch, and Deathmatch. The primary goal is to win the game and take the title of champion. We really enjoyed this mode since it allowed me to compare my abilities to those of other players. The gameplay was a remarkable and intense experience. We were relieved to have finished this mode because it brought the game’s extremely challenging section to an end.

Stick War Legacy

The Classic Campaign Mode:

is the game’s standard narrative mode. It’s easy to understand but entertaining nonetheless. Due to their great selfishness, neighboring countries ignore one another rather than working together to further their ideas and technologies. They want to use contemporary technologies to subjugate other nations. There are three choices for choosing the level of difficulty in the mode: Normal, Hard, and Insane. There are six distinct areas, each with its own set of obstacles and difficulties.

This is the best feature of the game because, unlike other games, it does not have an easy mode. Okay, so the first time we played, we chose the normal difficulty setting. However, now that we can choose the hard setting, I’m still not capable of playing the “Insane” level. Your skill level will determine this. One of the reasons we enjoyed the Classic Campaign mode is its diversified, interesting, and exciting gameplay over multiple regions and difficulties.

Stick War Legacy

Weekly Mission Levels: is another thrilling, entertaining, and addictive Stick War Legacy mode. One of the finest options is weekly mission levels, where new rewards and levels are added every Friday. The addition of new missions to Stick War: Legacy every week did not cause us to lose interest in the game. Every challenge has a fresh approach. You will gain currency and rewards based on the nature of each assignment or level. The prize rises in tandem with the level. If Campaign Level 6 is not completed, we will not be able to play the weekly task levels.

Stick War Legacy

Endless Deads: is a survival mode where, like in the regular campaign, the player gains two upgrade points in between waves as the army grows and they fight unending waves of the Dead. To stay in this mode as long as possible and to increase our gold and money by eliminating the adversaries, we must utilize every talent at our disposal. We must also make some strategic decisions in this mode because it is also highly intense. We liked Endless Dead Mode because it’s a fun way to put our abilities to the test and see how long we can withstand an unending swarm of adversaries.

Stick War Legacy

Metrics for Android

Reviews2.72 Million
Ratings4.7 Stars
Downloads100 Millions +
DevicesAndroid 5.0 and above
CompatibilityCompatible with all android devices

In addition to its many modes, Stick War Legacy is an excellent game because of a number of additional factors.

The game’s sound effects and graphics are among its best features. Stickman’s characters are smoothly designed, giving them a cartoonish appearance. Stickman’s animation and other graphics, such as the user interface and design, are excellently done. My encounter with the visuals and sounds was amazing and overwhelming. The game’s setting was expertly designed. I’m drawn into the game’s world by the distinctive designs that each region and screen depicts. It sounds peaceful and exciting at the same time.

The large variety of units, soldiers, and skills that are accessible in Stick War Legacy is another feature of the game. Every unit has advantages and disadvantages of its own, and we are free to build and equip our armies however we like. We need more mana and money to unlock new features, but with that money, customizing our army is simple. Money allows us to add another level of strategy, which raises our chances of winning the game. The gameplay remains engaging and novel due to the diversity of units and abilities, and we relish trying out various army configurations and tactics.

We are grateful that the game has a tutorial. The tutorial takes us through the fundamentals of the game and us how to forge an army, obtain resources, and engage in combat with adversaries. The tutorial is well-designed and simple to follow, making it a fantastic way to begin playing the game. To play Stick War Legacy conveniently on a mobile device, check out the top mobile devices.

iOS Metrics

Reviews53.9 k ratings
Ratings4.8 stars
DevicesRequires iOS 12.0 or later.

Reviews of Stick War Legacy by Various Players

Thus far, we have talked about our thoughts and our review of Stick War Legacy. Let’s discuss other players’ thoughts on Stick War Legacy Game from various websites, including their assessments, thoughts, experiences, and worries. In addition, we’ll talk about the aspects of the game that work well for the other players and those that could use some tweaking.

You can download Stick War Legacy MOD APK from our website.

Reviews of Stick War Legacy on the Google Play Store

Well, Stick War Legacy reviews come in three different flavors.

  • Positive Stick War Legacy Reviews: reviews that describe the aspects of the game that they enjoy the most and describe their experience with it must, of course, have 4.5 or 5 stars.
  • Stick War Legacy reviews range from 3.0 to 4.0 ratings, with some suggesting changes and others saying the game needs work.
  • If a review is 3.0 stars or less, it is negative or critical of Stick War Legacy and indicates that the player may be experiencing technical difficulties or other problems.

Come see a few of them!

Stick War Legacy
Stick War Legacy

Assuming that this concludes the Stick War Legacy Review for Android Users. We have to admit that the gameplay and features of the game are excellent, earning it a score of nine out of ten. However, there are not enough resources, the levels are extremely challenging for inexperienced players, and even the money awarded for finishing the levels is insufficient. However, this is how the game is designed: there are easy and challenging stages.

Reviews of Stick War Legacy on the App Store

Use the App Store to download Stick War Legacy for iOS. There is no need to introduce this website; Stick War Legacy has received about 53.9K reviews on the App Store and nearly 4.8 ratings from players, which is incredible. Check Out This Stick War Legacy iOS Review

Stick War Legacy

We shall examine a few Stick War Legacy reviews since the main problems are going to be the same as what we have already seen and spoken about.

Not many ratings are lower than five, however as said above, if a player provides a rating below five, he is also offering comments and ways to improve. Although iOS has great features and gameplay as well, there are some drawbacks, such as the lack of features, difficulty in earning money, gems, and levels, and intrusive in-game advertisements that frustrate players. Following our analysis of the Stick War Legacy iOS review, we will award it an 8.5 out of 10.

Finally, a review of Stick War Legacy.

We covered a wide range of topics in the Stick War Legacy Game Review,. I’ll give you a summary of everything. One of the greatest strategy games ever made is Stick War Legacy. This game has been downloaded on mobile devices by more than two million Android users and two hundred thousand Apple users. Thus, you can appreciate the quality of this game.

We enjoyed playing both the basic and upgraded versions. This game receives a rating of 7.7 out of 10. because there are a lot of things that could be improved. In conclusion, we want everyone to play this game and share their thoughts with us in the comments section, highlighting their favorite aspects and suggesting areas for development. To assist you, we have provided an honest Stick War Legacy review.


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