Age of War vs. Age of War 2: The Greatest Strategy Battle

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Popular online flash games that fall under the strategy and defense category are Age of War and Age of War 2. Even though Louissi produced and Max Games Studios released both games, you should still give them a try if you enjoy playing thrilling and captivating games on your PC or mobile device. This post will provide you with a thorough comparison between the two games, Age of War and Age of War 2. You can use this comparison to identify the games that you like best on our website.

Age of War
UnitAge of War 2Age of War
Current Version1.7.12023.1.8
Released DateApr 11, 2017Nov 13, 2014
CompatibilityAndroid Version 4.4 or aboveAndroid Version 4.4 or above
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
iOS availabilityYesYes
File Size62 MB41 MB
Download100 M+100 M+
Age of War

Key Distinctions Between Age of War and Age of War 2

We will now list the extremely fundamental and broad distinctions between the two games. We talked about how the same developer created both games and how they belong to the same series. The main objective of the first game in the series, Age of War, was to destroy the enemy base and safeguard your property. Age of War 2, the sequel, features a distinct civilization and eras and offers intense gameplay that is both entertaining and challenging. You can also Download Age of War 2 MOD APK 1.7.1 from our website.

We’ll talk about the variations and parallels between Age of War and Age of War 2. Reviews of Age of War 2 and Stick War Legacy for Android are also available on our website. You will gain in-depth understanding of both games from it.

Common things

  • In both tower defense games, the player’s goal is to keep their bases safe from intruders.
  • The progression mechanism and circumstances in both games are similar.
  • There are several upgradeable units in both games.
  • There are multiplayer and campaign modes in both games.
  • While it’s free to play, there are in-app purchases for both games.
  • Age of War only had five ages, whereas Age of War 2 contains seven.
  • The Spartan Age and the Egyptian Age are two new evolutionary ages in Age of War 2.
  • Players in Age of War 2 have the ability to alter how their forces move.
  • The graphics in Age of War 2 are more sophisticated and well-polished.

If we compare the plots of the two games, Age of War 2’s storyline has more campaigns, each with a distinct plot. The missions are also more open-ended, allowing you greater flexibility in how you want to approach each battle. It transports players to several eras of human civilization, from prehistoric times to battles in the future. However, Age of War will look a lot like Age of War 2, while being simpler and having fewer campaigns.

The plot of Age of War 2 is more extensive. The game is divided into various sections known as “campaigns,” and each one has a unique plot. This increases the difficulty and complexity of the game while simultaneously enhancing the intrigue and excitement of the plot. Similar to Age of War 2, Age of War has a complex plot, but not more so. As a foundational element of the series, it features a brief tale and focuses on the essentials.

FeaturesAge of War 2Age of War
GraphicsPolish 2D2D
GameplayComplexVery Simple
Age of War 2 vs Age of War features comparison

Age of War and Age of War 2 are compared in a number of ways.

Let’s compare and contrast Age of War and Age of War 2 and talk about their various features. You guys should find it simple to compare and choose the ideal game for you.


Age of War: In Age of War, defensive tactics are given more weight. You will have to build turrets and other defensive structures to fend off waves of foes as they approach your base. As you progress through the game’s numerous centuries, you will be able to purchase new defense units and special attacks for your stronghold. You can download Age of War Mod APK from our website.

Age of War 2: Another well-liked real-time strategy game that transports players through several historical eras is Age of War 2. where waves of enemy forces must be defended against your base. Building and fortifying a base while preparing troops to destroy hostile forces is the goal.

Graphics and Visuals

Age of War: Age of War features more intricate artwork that is representative of several historical periods. The forces you control will appear progressively different as the game progresses. Use the greatest mobile phones and devices for Age of War for the finest possible experience.

Age of War 2: This game features simple, more detailed, and aesthetically pleasing art style with retro images. It offers an eye-catching visual experience by showcasing several historical buildings and architecture from every era. Check out the top phones for Age of War 2 for the greatest experience.

Frictions and Units

Age of War: When you start a new “Age of War” game, you start with the most basic units and work your way up through the years to unlock and enhance them. You start with cavemen and finish up with futuristic warriors. You ought to read the Age of War 2 reviews.

Age of War 2: The five fractions in this game are Future Age, Mediaeval Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Stone Age. Tanks, archers, knights, and cavemen are just a few of the historical units that players can unlock and use. Each unit has unique capabilities and abilities that can be used to support a variety of strategies and add complexity to the action. You ought to read the Age of War 2 reviews.

Improvements and Capabilities

Age of War: The War Age Although we can tell that this was the standard version of the game, it does offer possibilities for unit upgrades. why its capabilities and upgrades are limited.

Age of War 2: As they go through this thrilling game, players can upgrade a variety of items, including their base, units, and special abilities. These upgrades are crucial for surviving more difficult enemy waves and provide strategic advantages.

Multiplayer Modes

Age of War: The game only offers a single player option; there is no multiplayer feature. It can be played both online and offline.

Age of War 2: The game is largely focused on single-player experiences and does not have a multiplayer component.

Because to its special features and gameplay dynamics, Age of War Vs. Age of War 2 are entertaining flash strategy games. Age of War distinguishes itself with its unique artwork and straightforward gameplay, but Age of War 2 provides a more aesthetically pleasing experience with its historical units and ages. The decision between the two is mostly based on individual tastes in terms of multiplayer gameplay, unit variety, and art style.

Comparison of Popularity

Both iOS and Android devices have a large following for these two games. There have been a lot of downloads and reviews for Age of War on iOS and Age of War 2 on iOS. To assist you in comparing Age of War to Age of War 2, read these articles.

What Distinguishes Age of War 2 PC from Age of War PC?

Regardless of the platform on which we are playing the game, there are differences between Age of War and Age of War 2. The distinction between Age of War and Age of War 2 does not change whether we play the game on an iOS, Android, or PC. There are situations when it is dependent upon other resources, such as mobile devices and gaming consoles. In any case, can also assist you in determining the greatest phones for both Age of War and Age of War 2. It will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the game.


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