Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3 (Key Differences)

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Max Games Studios is the developer of the strategy games Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3. These two games are enhanced versions of the 2009 release Stick War.

Stick War 3

We will talk about the differences between Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3 in this article.

SpecificationsStick War 3Stick War Legacy
DeveloperMax Games StudiosMax Games Studios
Current Version2023.2.33572023.4.52
File Size365 MB430 MB
Released Date11 Dec 202131 Jan 2016
CompatibilityAndroid 7.0 and UpAndroid 5.0 and Up
Available in iOSYesYes
Differences and Similarities

Key Differences Between Stick War 3 and Stick War Legacy

We will list the most fundamental and general distinctions between the two games here. You can choose the game you wish to play by reading them.

Stick War 3Stick War Legacy
Possesses a sophisticated plotPlays more simply and traditionally
Based on a detailed art styleBased on the pixel art style
The multiplayer mode makes it well-known.Based on scenario for single player
New and different with a current game play.Reproduction of the initial game Stick War

If we compare the plots of the two games, Stick War Legacy has a pretty straightforward plot in which you must command your army and launch attacks on the adversaries in Inarmota. However, Stick War 3 offers you more campaigns, each with a unique plot, and more open-ended objectives that let you decide how to approach each battle.

The story in Stick War Legacy isn’t very long. There isn’t a single story that connects all of the levels; each one is its own fight. This helps you understand the game better, but the story is less interesting and draws you in less. Stick War 3’s story is longer. There are different parts of the game called “campaigns,” and each one has its own story. This makes the story more exciting and interesting, but it also makes the game harder. Read also’s review of Age of War 2 Reviews (Android).

Which game’s units and weapons are stronger?

The difference between Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3 is based on personal experience. We will tell you what those differences are, but it’s up to you to choose which game is best for you.

Units and weapons in Stick War Legacy are pretty easy. It’s up to you to pick the right weapon for the job. In Stick War Legacy, each unit has a part to play in the battle. It’s like how Sworwrath and Archer each have their own attack power. The first are close-range attack units, and the last ones are far away attack units.

In Stick War 3, both people and weapons can do different things and get better over time. You can spend a little money in the game store to improve the skills of your units, just like Sword Warrior can do with the sword after. You can also improve the attack, damage, and range of your weapon. You can also improve these by spending real money and game items in the game store as needed and unlocking them.

Stick War Legacy Is Simple to Play

A very simple and easy game to play and win if you know how to do it. If you know how to keep your defenses strong and your attacks on the enemy camps strong. You will receive the Stick War Legacy vs. Stick War 3 guns, units, rules, and ways to play.

Game Modes4 (Classic, Missions, Endless Dead, Tournaments)
Difficulty Levels3 (Normal, Hard, Insane)
Weapons8 for Every Unit
Units6 (Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon, Spearton, Magikill, Giant)
Armory Upgrades6 Options

Spells can be used all at once and must be purchased with gems, or you can purchase chests, which open to reveal spells inside. Additionally, spells are frequently given out for free in mission mode. The eight spells are as follows:

  • Miner Hustle: for 30 seconds, the miner will operate at twice its normal speed.
  • Swordwrath Rage: For 20 seconds, Swordwrath’s Attack Speed is doubled.
  • Archidon Rage: is a five-second burst of arrows fired nonstop.
  • Spearton Madness: For 20 seconds, Cando will take double damage from Speartons’ spears.
  • Golden Archidon: The goal is to obtain the fabled golden archidon.
  • Heal All: Unit health damage might result in a game loss. However, restore all of the units’ health to its maximum level.
  • Meric: Meric can obtain a potent healing unit.
  • Golden Spearton: You can contact the higher-ranked army’s golden spearton when nothing else works.
  • Summon the Elite: Westwind Plains is home to a contingent of elite combatants.

Every unit has access to eight distinct fighting weapon options. The only place to get the upgarde option is in the armory. You receive a comprehensive game play and victory guide. Money can be spent on chests and gems. The game’s start screen contains the achievements option.

However, you must install Google Play Games on your device if you like to play this game with other people from across the world and compete with them.

Stick War 3

Stick War 3: More Powerful Elements

Stick War 3 offers an extensive gameplay experience with a multitude of customizable elements. Below is a precise list of all the games in the Stick War 3 collection. Stick War 3 and Stick War Legacy differ greatly in many fundamental ways.

Stick War 3

You have hundreds of options to select from when customizing your various units. While you can adjust your audio, visual, and gaming settings in the upper right corner of your screen. The image containing every setting choice can be found below.

Stick War 3

With the exception of Stick War 3 offering more customization options and skill improvements than Stick War Legacy, the differences in customization between the two games are not particularly noticeable.

Disparity in Stick War 3’s and Stick War Legacy’s popularity

The quantity of downloads for both games on the Google Play Store provides a single statistic that compares the popularity of Stick War Legacy vs Stick War 3. Before you ask why we haven’t discussed the ratings between Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3, we have an answer for you. Stick War Legacy has a rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store, however Stick War 3 does not have a rating.

Reviews are another metric we may use in Stick War Legacy vs. Stick War 3 popularity comparison; these reviews cannot be quantified; instead, you must personally go through the Google Play Store and App Store to find both favorable and negative reviews. To make it easier for our audience to choose a game to play or whether to play both, we have included evaluations of Age of War 2 from users of both Android and iOS to our website.

What Distinguishes Stick War 3 PC from Stick War Legacy PC?

Regardless of the platform we’re using, Stick War 3 and Stick War Legacy are two different games. Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3 are still present whether we play the game on a PC, an iOS smartphone, or an Android device. Weapons, upgrades, healing power, units, and customizability are all different between Stick War Legacy and Stick War 3. The only things that will intrigue you, though, are the keyboard and mouse shortcut keys for the various game duties. You can download Stick War Legacy MOD APK from our website.

Additionally, the emulator you’re using to play Android games on your PC has an intriguing option. similar to the BlueStack emulator’s Macro option. A few graphical and gameplay control settings may shift slightly when an operating system is changed, but the gameplay and elements of the game will change significantly.


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